Af Halib – Zeyneb Beshir – Asmara Choir
This Tigre love song was written by Kahsay Gebrehiwet and performed by Zeineb Beshir in 1996. Traditionally, Af Halib is a term of endearment used when referring to a beautiful and beloved woman. In this memorable song, the object of the lyrics’ affection and praise is Eritrea.

ERi-TV, Eritrea – ኣፍ ሓሊብ – ዘይነብ በሽር – ፋልማይ ምርኢት ብ ኳየር ኣስመራ ካብ ቺኔማ ሮማ | Af Halib – Zeyneb Beshir with Asmara Choir (Tigre)

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